Permanent physical barrier (long-lasting) that slows down the growth of viruses and bacteria on all kind of porous and non porous surfaces:  metals, wood, plastics, natural stone, as well as any other building material.

Main description: Nanotechnological permanent protector

Applications: Permanent physical barrier to face up viruses and bacteria for:

  • Healthcare: hospitals, nursing homes, clinics.
  • Educational centres: schools, universities…
  • Any contact surface: doorknobs, handrails, banisters, lifts, push buttons, taps…
  • Urban furniture: playgrounds, benches…
  • Transit places: airports, train/underground/bus stations.
  • Buildings, conventional and Historical Heritage.
  • Sports centres: gym, stadiums…
  • Transports: cars, buses, trains, airplanes…
  • Hospitality Industry: restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, hotels
  • Domestic use.
  • Worship’s places (churches, cathedrals).

Durability: The treatment resists for approximately 400 abrasions (equivalent to approx. 50 cleanings/disinfections) with mop, broom, sponge, microfiber… The durability of the product will depend on the type of cleaning, as well as, on the number of frictions and abrasions.

Standard formats:

  • 400ml aerosol.
  • 5L and 25L jerry cans.

Protection and sanitising with permanent (long-lasting) and immediate

– Physical barrier to face up the growth of viruses and bacteria:

– Hydrophobic and oleophobic nanotechnological protector, that repels water and stains, therefore it makes easier the cleaning and maintenance of the surface or treated material.

It does not affect the breathability of the surfaces or materials.

Invisible, it does not change the colour or appearance.

– Complementary product (not substitute) that improve the safety of the cleaning and disinfection protocols.

– Compatible with instant cleaning and disinfection products, such as, soaps, hydroalcoholics, bleaches, quaternary ammoniums, etc.

– Odourless, after the complete drying.

– Fully reapplicable, a product excess does not affect its protective capability against viruses and bacteria, but it might slow down the drying).

– Water-based formulation, no need for rinsing.

– Dermatologically tested: non-irritating and good skin compatibility.

Shake the product before its use.

The surface must be clean and dry. Apply evenly over the surface from a distance of approx. 30 cm. After application and if required, it is possible to use a cloth/mop to remove any product excess to get a uniform finish.

Let the surface dry before its use: 10-15 min in the case of non-porous surfaces and 6-12 hours in the case of porous surfaces. Drying time can be accelerated (fan/hair dryer). It can be applied when required, depending on the surface.

Reapplication is recommended depending on its use, number of cleanings / disinfections that are carried out on it. Durability approx. 50 cleanings.

For large areas of application, it can be applied with an airless sprayer, or with a pump sprayer (agricultural backpacks or similar). The application

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