VETROSMART is a transparent, hydrophobic and anti-lime solution, specially designed for glass surfaces: shower screens, mirrors, windows and glass curtain walls among others. This treatment provides the glass with easy-to-clean properties creating a protective barrier against liquids, lime and other dirt stains, therefore preventing its accumulation and reducing the subsequent cleaning tasks.

Certified durability of 10 years

Product certified by QUALICONSULT

Features: Transparent hydrophobic and anti-lime protector which provides glass surfaces with easy-to-clean properties

Uses: Any type of glass surfaces such as shower-screens, mirrors, windows, glass curtains, among others. 


  1. VETROSMART: Hydrophobic protector of optimum performance; alternative of maximum quality. 
    Certified durability of 10 years in new glass.
  2. VETROSMART Economy: Hydrophobic protector of excellent features; great alternative in relation quality-price.
    Durability of 5 years in new glass.
  3. VETROEASY: Hydrophobic protector of good features; alternative which offers good features at the lowest price.
    Durability of 3 years in new glass. 

Yield: Between 50-60 m2/l

Standard formats: 1 L, 5 L and 25 L

Certified durability of 10 years based on a very complete procedure of accelerated aging tests consisted of UV aging, chemical attack, thermal shock and abrasion tests.

Easy to clean: it reduces cleaning times substantially.

Keeps surfaces clean for a longer time, maintaining the original appearance.

Permanent protective barrier against corrosion, limescale, dirt and resistant to UV radiation.

The coating results totally transparent, not modifying at all the aesthetic conditions of the glass.

Applicable to both new and existing glass.

Easy to apply product, without the necessity of special safety measures.

Ultra-fast drying after the treatment, avoiding cumbersome spots on further handling.

It presents high features and high performance (60m2/Litre approximately).

Easy to apply by manual spray or air pressure gun

10 years durability certificate based on a very complete procedure of accelerated aging tests (UV aging, chemical attack, thermal shock and abrasion tests).

Shower-screens manufacturers, glass workshops, distributors of machinery, tools and accessories for glass, distributors of bath accessories, glass installers, facility management companies.

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