Santecgel v2


TECNADIS SANTECGEL is a hydroalcoholic cosmetic hand sanitising product for deep cleaning of the hands. It is a hydroalcoholic solution, with a high alcohol content (85% v / v), without the need for rinsing or drying hands. Direct application treatment.

Features: Hydroalcoholic hand sanitising product (deep cleaning).

Uses: Hand sanitation (deep cleaning)

Standard formats: Trigger spray bottles (150ml), trigger spray bottles (500ml), 5L bottles.

 Hydroalcoholic cosmetic hand sanitiser (deep cleaning)

Hand sanitiser (Deep cleaning)

 No rinsing or drying of hands is necessary.

 Direct application treatment.

 Colour: Colourless

 pH: 6,5-7,5

Solvent: Alcohol

 Ethanol content: 85% v/v

 Alcoholic grade: 80º-85º


 Reference number CPNP: 3323666

 Responsible Manufacturing Declaration Number: 3354 (AEMPS)

Apply or spray a small amount on the hands and rub or spread until the product is completely absorbed or evaporated.

Apply on healthy skin.

For external use

Do not drink

Do not apply on people sensitive to its components.

Do not mix with any other substance.

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