Santec Total v2


TECNADIS SANTEC TOTAL is a hydroalcoholic sanitising cleaner for all types of surfaces (deep cleaning). Immediate effect. Easy-to-apply by spraying over surfaces. Rapid evaporation. Its alcoholic formula removes any contaminants. For domestic and industrial use.

Features: Total surface sanitiser (deep cleaning).

Uses: Cleaner and sanitiser, effective for all types of surfaces:

  • Furniture and facilities of Hotel & Restaurant Sector and shopping centers
  • Office furniture
  • Urban furniture and buildings
  • Schools / educational centers
  • Vehicles
  • Industrial applications (equipment, machinery, facilities, tools, work tables, etc.)
  • Handrail, knobs, doors, lifts, etc.
  • Educational and sports facilities
  • Public transport (train, bus, plane)
  • Clothing (casualwear, sportswear, etc.) and leather goods (wallets, bags, etc.)
  • Home textiles (sofas, chairs, curtains, etc.)
  • Footwear (shoes, slippers, boots, etc.)
  • Sports equipment
  • Personal items for everyday use (keys, mobile phones, watches, glasses, shopping carts, etc.)
  • Etc.

Standard formats: Trigger spray bottles (500ml), 5L bottles

Cleaner that removes any contaminant from all types of surfaces.

It sanitises surfaces without damaging them, it does not change their appearance (it does not contain bleach).

Highly effective, high alcohol content: 85%.

Immediate cleaning and sanitising effect.

No rinsing. Fast drying. It evaporates completely without leaving residues.

It contains eucalyptus, releasing a pleasant aroma.

The eucalyptus provides microorganism growth inhibition properties that additionally increases the sanitising power of the high alcohol content of the product.

Colour: Colourless

Solvent: Ethanol

Ethanol content: 85% v/v

Alcoholic grade: 80º-85º


Evenly apply by spray on the surfaces to be sanitised, if necessary, it can be spread with a cloth.

Its application by spraying over surfaces or equipment provides cleaning and hygiene to them without the need of rinsing.


Do not drink.

Do not mix with any other substance.

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